NASH,NonAlcoholic SteatoHepatitis, is a condition also called ‘fatty liver’, in which the liver shows excess fat within the cells. This abnormal situation is generally the result of being overweight, obese, or a defect in the person’s metabolism (Syndrome X, etc..)
That NASH is abnormal, is definitely true, that NASH might be harmful, is completely uncertain. As our country is getting more and more obese, NASH is a diagnosis people are given with greater frequency, and the question is: How dangerous is it?
In this recent study of 11,000 patients from England, NASH was NOT associated with increased risks of heart disease, liver disease, or premature death.
Not conclusive, this is great news that we can reassure our patients with NASH that this is not an abnormality that should cause great concern, although it is something to address through best diet and weight loss