Swine flu is just ‘flu’ in pigs. It is important because it can transfer from pigs to humans….and if that occurs, there can be lots of trouble. Why? Well….if the humans then transfer that from person to person…..we have a massive epidemic.
Three years ago, H1N1 influenza (a swine subtype) had an enormous outbreak, so much so that it has now become the predominant flu stray in the U.S. in just three years. Fortunately, it was not very virulent…it did not cause severe reactions generally, but anytime there is a change in the flu type, we can see a stronger and more severe reaction.
With the confirmed outbreak of 158 cases of H3N2 swine flu in Indiana & Ohio, new concerns are raised of a possible pandemic.
It’s not time to ‘raise the alarms’ yet….but if you are travelling to Indiana and Ohio it is important to be aware of this issue.
Prevention remains the cornerstone. Avoiding handshakes and close contact with ‘everyone’ you meet. Washing hands is always important.
Treatment would consist of Tamiflu or Relenza…the two influenza treatments generally available.
Keep tuned into this topic…it may be come increasingly important over the next two weeks…or it may just burn out (let’s hope so.)

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