Would you like some insights into how to manage your low back pain with home exercise and stretching?  Check out this special even on the Radio with John Blilie, a personal health coach and activity/exercise trainer.  Listen to John and others as they have a discussion about low back pain .  You’ll find some helpful insights…and this ia all based on the radio hour they performed this past December 13th (see below)

Listen >>>>>HERE<<<<<


On Wednesday December 13th 

There is a great opportunity for you as JCC members to talk live with three specialists on lower back health.

The specialists are:

Dr David Spierer, specializing in exercise science;

John R. Blilie MS, corrective exercise specialist/ at the JCC;

Katie Berens, ATC, an athletic trainer, working for your healthy life in motion in an industrial setting, teaching workers how to avoid back injuries.

This is a great opportunity to CALL in, talk with someone who understands your commitment to  your Low Back Heath , with real solutions.

Please take the half hour time out of your busy day and  give them a call.

When? This Wednesday December 13th at 3-4pm

Where to call? 602/277/5369 on 1100 radio AM 

And see what they can share with you, for your future low back success.

Thank you.

 Comments on your experience can be sent to 

jrblilie@gmail.com or



There is also a link for those who wish to listen on their computer. It is: