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ProPublica has just come out with a simple to read scorecard for surgeons….to share Medicare information on surgical outcomes that the government is collecting.

This information is useful, to the extent that it provides a ‘ballpark’ estimate of a surgeon’s competence, but it is by no means a specific and accurate depiction of the exact skill level of one surgeon vs. another.  Still, this is publicly available information and I wanted to share it with you.  Search for surgeons you are interested in…..>>>>HERE<<<<

Do note that there are many variables involved in defining a surgeon’s skills, and the raw numbers shown on this website are not accurate for grading a surgeon, but they do provide information that is of some interest and usefulness when put in context.

Also…if you want to see what your doctor is making from pharmaceutical drug reps, you can find that on this website as well…>>>>HERE<<<<.  I can find my name on the site, and it shows that we get lunches for the office as compensation for the time I spend receiving information on their new products.

CMS also publishes a report under the Open Payment, Sunshine Act.  Open Payments is the federally run program that collects the information about these financial relationships and makes it available to you.  For an overview of the published data,.you can access their information >>>>HERE<<<<<