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spicy-835393_640A recent study from China shows that people who eat spicy foods appear to be healthier and live longer.

In a survey involving 500,000 Chinese men and women, there was a inverse correlation between spicy foods and all cause mortality, heart disease, cancer and respiratory infections.

So…besides being tasty to those ‘chili lovers’ out there, it appears that spicy food may provide health benefits as well.

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mount-rushmore-718028_1280You might think that if you were the President you’d get the best healthcare in the world….but I suspect you would be wrong.   The VIP treatment tends to provide inferior care to what you get right here in Scottsdale, at our best hospitals and with our best doctors.

Read the story of President Garfield and his botched post-assassination care.   I’m sure you will find the care for VIP’s remains similarly flawed in the effort to provide them a ‘cut above’.



blue tongueDr. John Sotos was a former classmate at Hopkins, and is known as Dr. Zebra for his knowledge of arcane medical conditions and diagnosis.  Sound familiar…like someone on TV ?  That’s because he is the ‘real life’ Dr. House, and was the medical adviser for the TV show.

What is the diagnosis of this patient with a blue tongue?  If she were an animal….she might have Bluetongue disease.   But, there are no medical conditions that cause blue tongues in humans….so I suspect this came from eating blue dye contained in the icing of a birthday cake.  Is my diagnosis correct?  Of course it is….I made up the question & the answer!

Want to read more about arcane diagnosis and medical oddities?  Check out Dr. Sotos’ website >>>>HERE<<<<

PS…Thanks to Karon…for modelling the blue tongue!


BALLOON GUYSMy nephew John Smyth is 23 years old, lives in Indiana with his parents,  and has had major communication issues his entire life due to Autism.  More recently, he has been communicating through ‘facilitation’, a method that allows caregivers to assist in improving communication methods with those who find it challenging to communicate on their own.

You can visit his website and hear the spoken poem he created using this technique, and soon, he will be publishing a book to carry forward some of his innermost thoughts.

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scoreboard-146869_640ProPublica is an independent, non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest.   

ProPublica has just come out with a simple to read scorecard for surgeons….to share Medicare information on surgical outcomes that the government is collecting.

This information is useful, to the extent that it provides a ‘ballpark’ estimate of a surgeon’s competence, but it is by no means a specific and accurate depiction of the exact skill level of one surgeon vs. another.  Still, this is publicly available information and I wanted to share it with you.  Search for surgeons you are interested in…..>>>>HERE<<<<

Do note that there are many variables involved in defining a surgeon’s skills, and the raw numbers shown on this website are not accurate for grading a surgeon, but they do provide information that is of some interest and usefulness when put in context.

Also…if you want to see what your doctor is making from pharmaceutical drug reps, you can find that on this website as well…>>>>HERE<<<<.  I can find my name on the site, and it shows that we get lunches for the office as compensation for the time I spend receiving information on their new products.

CMS also publishes a report under the Open Payment, Sunshine Act.  Open Payments is the federally run program that collects the information about these financial relationships and makes it available to you.  For an overview of the published data,.you can access their information >>>>HERE<<<<<




clock-597439_1280The internet has many surprises….and one of them is THE WAY BACK MACHINE

On this website, you can look up old versions of websites that no longer exist or you can see the initial iterations of ones you are currently using.  It’s a bit of a ‘trip’ to go back and see www.doctordoug.com from the old days.  If you are interested, you can go back 15 years to our initial website (which was actually on-line 3 years prior…but that is the first copy they made of it….2000.)

Take a look >>>>HERE<<<< to go back in time.