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Among my favorite quotes by Roald Dahl, it’s the motivation for this new column on my website that will focus  on humor.

A good joke from the internet is great medicine, so I thought to share them on the site and I’ll begin with a series of wonderful jokes given to me by Bob Shane.

Bob is a professional musician and was famous as a  guitarist and singer of the Kingston Trio, a famous folk-rock band in the 50’s and 60’s.  As part of their act, Bob would do comedic ‘one liners’ and jokes on stage; Beyond a musician, he was a  complete stage entertainer.   Taught by ‘the best’, Bob had comedic mentors, including Jack Benny.

So….with that introduction, here is the first of many:

9. Amish Lady

A cop in rural Pennsylvania pulls an Amish woman over who’s driving a wagon. He says, “Your tail light is out.” She says, “I’ll tell my husband, and he’ll repair it.” The cop says, “I also noticed you have the reins coiled around the horse’s testicles, which is cruelty to animals.”

When the Amish lady returns home, she tells her husband a cop pulled her over because the taillight is out. Her husband says, “Was there anything else?” “He said something about the emergency brake.”