brain lightbulbJust today I had a patient tell me about a naturopath doctor who suggested that they stop their statin medication due to the fact that they may cause problems with brain function.  This comment is of uncertain accuracy, but they are talking about some concerns that have been raised about lowering cholesterol, and it’s effects on the brain, which has a high quantity of cholesterol within it’s cells.

Alternative thoughts tend to hold sway; that statins are good for the brain, preventing strokes and other brain injuries.  Add to this list, a study from THE LANCET that shows improved brain size in patients with Multiple Sclerosis who are on high doses of statins.  It is postulated that statins have a protective effect on the brain tissue, helping blood flow, and that this accounts for their findings in 140 patients studied.

So….do not worry that your statin is causing brain damage, feel confident that it is potentially beneficial, but certainly not a worry as regards brain danger.