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windyDuring my career, the treatment of Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) has improved dramatically, withe longevity the rule, rather than the exception, since the development of a multidrug regimen that includes: ACE Inhibitors/ARB’s, Beta Blockers, Aldosterone Inhibitors, and Diuretics.

A new addition, Entresto, appears to provide further improvement in CHF, enough to warrant some tempered excitement among cardiologists.   Milton Packer, MD….a icon in research on Heart Failure, speaks to this excitement >>>HERE<<<

The medication is expensive ($4500/year), but if it’s advantages prove themselves in the real world, this will be another major step forward in managing CHF patients.

Read the original study >>>>HERE<<<<


1904009001_37_13_350No…not the Green Bay Packers that Barb and all of our Wisconsiners love so much…it’s Milton Packer, MD.

Dr. Packer is a renowned researched on heart failure, a disease in which the heart cannot pump effectively to provide circulation throughout the body.  He, and a team of scientists at Novartis have developed a combination medication that provides at 20% improvement over current medication approaches.   That is a major advance and amounts to a huge statistical improvement in both quality of life, and prevention of death and hospitalization.

The medication will be available in 2015 if goes as planned with the FDA.  Expected to be pricey, coverage is virtually assured by insurance and Medicare, given the cost savings that will arise from reduced hospitalization for heart failure, the most costly disease among Medicare-age patients.

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