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Chemodanchik_002_p(0).jpgBelow is a email from a patient touted his good health since beginning a stronger exercise regimen.  He not only made the point that he felt better, but that he feels it prevents him from getting run-of-the mill infections, a particularly nice effect this time of year when the ‘cold season’ is heavy.  He bolstered his comments with some science as well and I wanted to share this with other patients.
Hi Doc,

Earlier today I mentioned to you that I had not had a cold since I began exercising almost daily in Feb. 2012.  There is good evidence that exercising 30 minutes, 5 times a week reduces the number and severity of colds. That’s another perk to what you recommend.

A couple of short paragraphs from an article about the study:
The researchers found that the frequency of colds among people who exercised five or more days a week was up to 46% less than those who were largely sedentary — that is, who exercised only one day or less of the week.
In addition, the number of days people suffered cold symptoms was 41% lower among those who were physically active on five or more days of the week, compared to the largely sedentary group. The group that felt the fittest also experienced 34% fewer days of cold symptoms than those were felt the least fit.
Moreover, colds also appeared to be less severe for those in better shape. Among those who felt the fittest, the severity of symptoms dropped by 32% and by 41% among those who exercised most, the researchers note.
Before 2012, I exercised 3 times per week and had one or two colds per year. I cannot remember ever going two full years without catching a cold prior to the last two years. You may want to share this with your patients. I mentioned the study to my friend who teaches Management at ASU and is an avid runner. He told me that he had not had a cold in years and was exposed to lots of students with colds.


BOOK ON HEALTHGood Morning Dr. lakin,

For the past few months i have been getting diarrhea, i don’t eat a lot of meat,  I’ve been eating lots of fruit, but wondering if i need more roughage or if i have a bug of some kind……Patty


Dear Patty;
Hard to say……such symptoms are non specific.

You probably DO NOT have an infection.

Start witih some Florastor probiotic…over the counter…1 daily.
Perhaps some fiber in the form of Metamucil or Citrucel…which will ‘balance’ the bowels often and give it bulk.  Try that too

Avoid any sugar free gums or candies….these have non-absorbable sugars
Stop all supplements… often-times these can become difficult to digest, even if you’ve taken them for some time.

Give this 3 weeks to work.



announce a bunchA PATIENT WROTE:

I just read in the Wall Street Journal today  (WSJ ARTICLE) about the angiotensin 
receptor blockers that may cause lung cancer. I have been taking one of 
those drugs for a while. I take Losartan, 100mg once a day. Should I be 
taking something else? There is a 30% increased chance of cancer from 
this drug. Please let me know how you feel about this.


A patient


I saw the article….and if you read it with some objectivity, you will see there is a great deal of controversy here.

Not sure where this will shake out…..so would not change…yet.

Why?  I think it’s premature…..and the jury is still out.

Alternatives have their issues as well……

This is quite an inflammatory article….without more perspective, it would be unreasonable to stop the medication now, but if you prefer….we could switch to something similar, that should work as well, but which has some other potential baggage.   See…that’s the problem…..things are often more complicated than they appear.  The alternatives, like ACE inhibitors….have the rare chance of life-threatening allergic reactions….but I’ve never seen one that I’m aware of…..so you would change one ‘theoretical’ issue for a second ‘known’ issue that is of extremely small frequency.  Not sure it’s worth it.

I am on an ARB class drug too….and I am not changing at this point.

But….we need to monitor this data and see if further research validates the concerns.