hammer-926572_640No….the tap…tap…tap….is no referring to the knock on your door.  It’s a reminder to me about a great story about what makes someone an expert, and why we value them as we do.

We are fortunate to have superb and skilled specialists here in The Valley.   And when we need them, there are experts of the absolute highest skill who are ‘first among equals’.

Through patient reports and experiences, as well as my own….I’ve accumulated just a few of those experts here; but before you do….read this story about what it takes to be an expert:

Tools don’t make the expert, knowledge does. You can name your price if you know. I heard of a story once, about a steamship boiler failing. The owner tried one expert after another, but none could figure out how to fix it. Then they called a local old mechanic who had been fixing boilers since he was young.”

“The ship’s owner waited impatiently as he was brought in. He stood watching this frail old man, hoping he would know what to do. The old man had with him a small bag of tools. He listened to the distraught engineer, asked a few questions, then went into the boiler room. They followed him in.”

“He looked at the maze of twisting pipes, and felt them with his hands. He listened to their heartbeat, and heard what they had to say. Then humming softly to himself, he reached inside his bag and pulled out a small hammer. He gently tapped something. Instantly, the boiler awoke from slumber.”

“As it hissed and roared, the old mechanic put away his tool and left. There was much jubilation on the steamship. Later, the owner received a bill for ten thousand dollars.

“What?” he exclaimed, “$10,000 for a puny tap. He hardly did anything. I was prepared to pay him well, but this is outrageous!”

“So he had his solicitor write to the old mechanic requiring an itemized bill. He got back a bill which read:

  • Tapping with the hammer………$10
  • Knowing where to tap ……..$9,990”


See some of these experts at their websites below..prepare to be impressed: