Tekturna is a relatively new blood pressure medication from Novartis. It is used in select patients who otherwise may not tolerate or respond to other, more standard blood pressure medications.
I have seen it used in these situations to general good effect, but it is only a handful of instances.
A recent study in diabetic patients showed that combining Tekturna and and ACE Inhibitor (like Lisinopril/Ramipril) or and ARB medication (Losartan/Diovan) led to increased kidney and heart issues.
The benefits of this combination were touted to afford improved kidney protection, but it appears to be just the opposite, causing increased kidney problems and strokes as well.

At this point, if you are taking Tekturna, do not just ‘stop’ the medication, but get in contact with me to discuss the pro’s and con’s of it in your particular situation. Likely it is best to stop the medication, but if it is a near ‘last-resort’ medication for blood pressure control, the positives may still outweigh any new negative information.