All areas of study and action have their virtuoso. That person who is ‘first among equals’; George Washington was most famously, known by this phrase.

So too in medicine, there are great specialists and then there are others who are acknowledged as being just a slight cut above those of highest caliber. Here in The Valley, we have so many wonderful physician specialists that it makes medical practice here a pleasure, and it gives me confidence in the care you are getting from these skilled professionals. You can access that list on the RECOMMENDED PROVIDER list on our website.

Among those who are recommended, there are some who are the virtuosos. I have found them through professional relationships, but more often from patients who have told me of someone they ran into here or in their hometown, and I have accumulated a list of them. If for some reason you need a medical or surgical virtuoso, be in touch and we’ll either have that name…or we’ll find it.

For now, enjoy this musical performance by the virtuoso who got me thinking about this topic ….accordianist Alexandr Hrustevich …something truly special.

Listen >>>>HERE<<<<