primate-460871_640Is there a point to taking calcium supplements or trying to get extra calcium in your diet to prevent bone loss.  The latest study from the BMJ (British Medical Journal) was an extensive review and statistical analysis of large studies on calcium use; it is called a meta-analysis.   In this study, there was little influence on total calcium levels in the body and miniscule  effects on bone density.  When you combine this information the fact that calcium tends to cause constipation, as well as the  recent studies suggesting that calcium supplements may lead to an increased risk of heart disease (NEJM ARTICLE HERE), you start to wonder ‘WHAT’S THE POINT?”

Of course, this is just one article among many, and it is by no means the last statement on the topic.  There is contrary evidence….but when you find that the argument can be made for both sides of the issue, you realize that the influence being made is small and that is the reason it is difficult to identify a great improvement with supplementation.

So….we have to go back to first principles, by which I mean listening to Aristotle, who spoke of the  “GOLDEN MEAN”….that desirable middle between two extremes.   A little extra calcium in the diet seems like a good thing, but I would not be slavish to this.  Find out where calcium is in your diet in THE DIETS, my short book on dietary changes to assist in health.   If you use supplements, a small amount is a consideration, but not a necessity;  natural source of calcium make the most sense.