brain danceYour brain can do 1 TRILLION computations per second and is the most complex thing in existence that we know of in the Universe…..quite an achievement ……and you are the owner of this wonderful device.  Well….perhaps you are not that lucky,  as it is constantly active….and that’s a problem.  The brain can make connections where none exist, such as in the classic Rorshack Inkblot Test, or it can allow you to multitask various activities you need to complete.

But….it will also allow you to worry more than you should, and this can be the cause of anxiety.  The so called MONKEY MIND.

The Monkey Mind is chattering all the time, about all sorts of intrusive thoughts that can lead you to worry about things that are very unlikely.   Like the DIRECT TV ADS that lead from the simple fact that you have cable television, down a rabbit hole of worry until you find yourself destitute or embarrassed or both!

Resolving anxiety is important for a healthy mind, and if you find yourself unable to control worrisome thoughts, then it’s important to develop either techniques to control these (like meditation or mindfulness) or trying medication to help this out.  Don’t ignore anxiety as it is prevalent, occuring in 30+% of people in one form or another.   Seek assistance if you are finding anxiety is limiting your effectiveness or causing you consternation.