When patients seek my care for their health conditions, are often explain to them what I offer as their Internist.

I am a Hopkins-trained medical scientist…..that is my stock in trade.   My validation is based on a host of definitive facts and innovations that include:  organ transplant (liver, kidney, lung, heart) , anesthesia (general and local), antibiotics (penicillin, sulfa, etc…) , development of hormone therapies (thyroid, cortisol, etc….) , curing of specific cancers including (specific leukemias and lymphomas among others), resolution or curing of infections (HIV and Hepatitis C), acute heart care (stents, balloon angioplasty, valve replacement) ….the list is long

When patients are interested in alternative modes of medicine, I tell them they are welcome to try such, but this is not in my wheelhouse.  I find the treatments quaint and ineffective for the most part, but I’m not ‘against’ trying approaches that are not validated, so long as one does not forgo effective traditional treatments and so long as the treatment is not harmful or immensely costly.

This hilarious video from England demonstrates what the world might be like without effective medical science….I think we can all laugh at that.   See it  >>>>HERE<<<<