rainbow4Does anybody remember the short-lived TV show THE IMMORTAL.  It revolved around a dying aged millionare who needed the blood of Christopher George to survive, because he was ill and Christopher George had blood that uniquely gave the power of good health.

Well, it now appears researchers have found a similar effect in mice.  Young mice appear to have a substance in their blood, that when transfused into older mice, provides increased energy and brain function.   Of course, isolating the specific protein is a key component to figuring out how to apply this finding to the real world, but researchers feel they have a good candidate in GDF11, a protein that acts as a growth factor in the body.

What will come of this?  Will old people get tranfusions from  the young to maintain their own capacities…..well, not anytime in the near future.  But, this findings creates a littany of questions that researchers will try to answer, and perhaps there will be some practical treatments derived.   Time will tell.

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