cool microphonesThe truth is….medical care is expensive and it’s getting more so each year.  In addition, with the aging of the population, medical costs in total continue to climb at a rapid rate.

It is important to us all to try to control costs, for ourselves as individuals, and for the system in general.

Due to the opaque nature of medical costs and pricing, it is often difficult to be a savvy consumer of medical services.   But, you can educate yourself and in so doing, take control of some of the costs of care.

Three places to save money are:


Two ways to save with medications:

1.  Ask if there are generic medications to replace costly branded medicines, or if not identical generics, medications that are similar enough that they can be substituted to provide a similar effect but at a much lower cost.  Often this means using a slightly older form of a medication; a slightly weaker form of the medication, but in a higher dose to achieve the desired effect; splitting pills to reduce the cost; or taking a medication multiple times per day as opposed to a once daily ‘slow release’ formulation.

2.  Check your medication costs against Costco on-line.  You don’t have to be a member of Costco to use their pharmacy, and they are the only place on line that gives ‘straight up’ pricing.  You can find that >>>>>>HERE   (do note that you need to get the exact number of pills specified…to get the prices noted.  For instance, 90 pills….may be pricier than 100 pills as quoted (due to pre-packaging in 100’s)



Theranos labs has been mentioned many times on our website.  Using brand new technology, they have developed wide-ranging lab testing off a minute amount of blood (fingerstick quantities).  Not only are they using small and simpler means to obtain your blood through a fingerstick, but their pricing his much lower than traditional labs at this time.   They will become more widely available, but are currently testing marketing here  in Phoenix.   Read more >>>>>>HERE.



You can negotiate prices for imaging testing at the large radiology facilities like SMIL and SIMONMED, if you do not have medical insurance.  Paying cash, they will discount prices, but you have to discuss this with them ahead of time (so in an urgent setting, there may be limitations…but if you have time, this is an appropriate way to try to reduce your medical expenses.)