virus blueAs those of you who read my blog know, STATIN medications like Lipitor, Zocor, Pravachol, and Crestor have been shown to have potential benefits in reducing complications of pneumonia and sespsis (overwhelming bloostream infection).  I have posted about this in the past….READ>>>>HERE<<<<

Now, some researchers are suggesting a broad use of these medications to prevent overwhelming infection in victims of EBOLA, reasoning that such an infection has many similiarities to sepsis in how the body reacts and is injured by the infectious agent.  A cascade of chemical reactions internally to the virus, mediated by self-generated chemicals, is a large part of the aberration causing physical collapse.  If the broad population at risk, including children, was on such an inexpensive medication preventively, then if they became infected, they would run a milder and safe course.

Of course this is only speculation, but as the researchers note….what do we have to lose when we have so little to offer victims of the infection right now.  It just may be time to use statins broadly in the West African nations to prevent death fro EBOLA.

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