DrOz-Image-620x400Yes….I said it.  Dr. Oz is full of baloney….or something more fragrant.    Someone had to say it…someone legitimate, like a practicing, Hopkins-trained internist who is carrying on the Osler Tradition.

Well, not everything he says is suspect, but I hear from patients all the time about the latest supplement or vitamin that Dr. Oz is touting for weight loss, or to improve health, and it’s just exaggerated claims that have minimal legitimate foundation.
Dr. Oz has a new weight loss cure.   Seriously……nothing like that exists.    It is a dream.

Dr. Oz tells us which vitamins are critical to our health.  Well, all vitamins are critical to our health, but there is virtually no hard data to support vitamin use as a critical component of a healthy diet, other than in people who have specific illnesses and who are lacking in the ability to absorb or process that vitamin.

So, although it’s not nearly as sexy, I have already given you THE KEYS to the kingdom of health.  Read my little booklet and take the recommendations to heart.  These simple, yet basic tenets are the true guide to general good health for us all.