Active Forever is a great resource for medical equipment and assistive devices. They are just around the corner, on Desert Cove, but they are a national company with a range of useful products on the internet. Do take a look at what they offer


Why am I mentioning them now? Well…..just today I had a patient with leg weakness who is having increasing difficulty getting up from the toilet seat. She uses a JAZZY to get around (due to orthopedic issues) and has A problem: ┬áher care-givers are developing back issues and cannot lift her from the commode.
TO THE RESCUE……. and the TUSH PUSH, an automatic toilet seat ┬áthat will gently lift you off the commode.
Between the internet allowing us to locate the device ‘real time’ and down the street…..we’re cooking with gas around here.Tush%20Push%20Toilet%20Lift