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brain lightbulbI am envisioning a day when my older patients with significant neurologic issues (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Dementias and Memory Decline of various types) will return to class to improve their brains and physical constitution.   They’ll go back to school….and they’ll like it!   This school would be called DDA …..Dr. Doug’s Academy (I’m riffing on an idea here…so let me have my fun!)

An elementary school at the age of 70, it would be a whole day affair.  It would start early in the morning, as the older set often have sleep issues.  The day would consist of more physical activity than mental activity, because it turns out that physical activity has the strongest correlation with improvement in brain function and memory.  We’d have 3-4 sections of physical activity daily, and then 2-3 classes that are academically oriented, as this remains important in it’s own right.

We’ll serve healthy food, abstain from liquor (to excess…a little liquor would be OK…perhaps even during the daytime!…..You’ll like my school.)  With all of this going on….we might need a naptime too with cookies and milk.

Why do I construct my school this way?  Because research is showing greater potential for spontaneous brain healing than we have previously imagined.  In this article from the WSJ sent in by a patient, you can read about the research that is informing such an approach.   Read>>>>HERE.



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Actually….talk up. There is a great new project by MIT students to develop a diagnostic test for Parkinson’s disease using voice pattern recognition.
It turns out that the nervous system control of the vocal cords has a strong correlation with nervous system changes, and the students at MIT are in the process of perfecting this diagnostic tool.
You can participate in helping them with their project by visiting their website
www.parkinsonsvoice.org and making a 3 minute phone call to record your voice pattern. This will help them with a database of information they are developing.


Active Forever is a great resource for medical equipment and assistive devices. They are just around the corner, on Desert Cove, but they are a national company with a range of useful products on the internet. Do take a look at what they offer


Why am I mentioning them now? Well…..just today I had a patient with leg weakness who is having increasing difficulty getting up from the toilet seat. She uses a JAZZY to get around (due to orthopedic issues) and has A problem:  her care-givers are developing back issues and cannot lift her from the commode.
TO THE RESCUE……. ActiveForever.com and the TUSH PUSH, an automatic toilet seat  that will gently lift you off the commode.
Between the internet allowing us to locate the device ‘real time’ and ActiveForever.com down the street…..we’re cooking with gas around here.Tush%20Push%20Toilet%20Lift