Many of you will recall my excitement at the prospect of Arizona being the test ground for a new lab company called Theranos back in 2013.

This company claimed it would revolutionize medicine through simple fingerstick blood testing for 100’s of lab tests;  at a fraction of the cost while maintaining superior accuracy.

As  the story developed, Theranos did not deliver fully on any of their promises, and the mendacity of the company’s founder has now  become the focus of a best-selling book by John Carreyrou, entitled Bad Blood.

In it, Carreyrou describes a culture of criticism and secrecy that is  the opposite of the scientific method needed to develop new and important discoveries.  From start to finish, the story of the founder, Elizabeth Holmes, is one of a charlatan who preys on the public’s desire for quality healthcare at an affordable price, while spinning yarns of riches for those in Silicon Valley who could get in on her imaginary vision of ‘inexpensive & simple lab testing for all’.

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