Compliance is the term doctor’s use to mean ‘adherence’ to a medication regimen. Compliance is critical to gaining the benefits from medication because clearly, you can only benefit from a medication if you take it.
An interesting study of Compliance with breast cancer prevention medications called Aromatase Inhibitors (Aromasin/Arimidex), only 80% of patients took their medication consistently. The reason…increased joint pains from the medication.
Now, if there was any time you would expect someone to take their medication, it is after they have had cancer and are taking the pill to prevent a recurrence, yet 20% of women were not taking it regularly because it caused bothersome symptoms.
The doctor’s involved in the study thought that Compliance was in the 90+% range, so they did not perceive a problem or need to emphasize the importance of taking the medication regularly, presuming the patients are already doing so.
So…..if you are reading this, you are probably a pretty intense and interested participant in your medical issues. I presume Compliance is not an issue for you; but if you are among the 20+% who will forgo your medications for whatever reason, please reconsider such a decision.