rembrandt-van-rijn-67747_640With the development of more and more complex systems and computers, there are questions about the role for future physicians, who are at the pinnacle of the medical heirarchy, and whether they will be needed many years in the future.  Are doctor’s jobs destined to be replaced?

Many physicians think it’s impossible, but there are companies like IBM and their WATSON COMPUTER SYSTEM, that are developing expert systems.   In fact, IBM has purchased the data set from a large european radiology company, that includes all of the images and the radiology readings of these images.  The hope is that by feeding this into the computer system, then can create an expert system that can read CAT scans without a physician’s assistance.  They are betting a lot of money on this.

But wait….doctor’s will claim that there is an ‘art’ to medicine, and computers cannot replace that component?  Oh really?  See the NEXT REMBRANDT and you may begin to question yourself doc.