brainThe latest research shows that our memory starts to demonstrably decline after age 40….far younger than any had expected.  But generally, we do not notice this decline until our 50’s and 60’s and then, for most of us, this is a matter of simple word-finding or problems with proper names.  Often, patients will ask me what they can do to help with this type of memory loss in the earliest stages of AAMI (Age Associated Memory Impairment).

My response is simple….EEE….or E3.

Exercise:  This is the number one method for improving memory.  Whether from improved brain blood flow, or the generation of chemicals in muscle that promotes nerve function, EXERCISE is the most important memory enhancer found in research.

Engagement:  Actively keeping your mind ENGAGED, whether through game playing by yourself or with others, reading a book, being involved with social activities, or participating in charitable/self-actualizing events.

Vitamin E:  Although the evidence is suggestive only, there have been studies showing that 2000 units of Vitamin E daily can enhance memory in patients with early Alzheimer’s disease.  If this is helpful with more active memory loss, it could potentially provide benefits in milder memory issues.