virus greensThe influenza outbreak this year has been heavy the past few weeks, with the largest group of sick patients we’ve seen in a few years, at least at one point in time.  The good news, is that it appears to be waning.  That is what we’ve seen in the office, and that is what is suggested by the data.

Fortunately, in the Southwest, the flu has been relatively mild in it’s intensity, with most patients feeling poorly, but very few requiring the hospital.  In fact, we’ve had ZERO patients sent to the hospital for pneumonia from the flu this year, at least from our offices…and that is rather unusual and mild.

So, be aware that the flu is around, but be emboldened by the fact that it is waning.   If you get a cough and fever, call for the Tamiflu or Relenza inhaler

See me about the flu this year in the Southwest as indicated by this interesting, interactive graph: