cookie chocolate chipReducing carbohydrates (sugars) in the diet, is a major theme among many nutritionists and dietitians, particularly in an effort to reduce our reliance on carbohydrates for our calories.  In so doing, the hope is that we will reduce obesity and overweight.  In particular, white bread is considered ‘verboten’ as it is so highly refined, that it has a Glycemic Index is 70! (This means that eating white bread, your body gets more sugar, more quickly, than eating sugar itself!  Hard to believe…but true.)


So, as an alternative, we are told to shy away from refined grains and try whole grains instead.  The benefit is that they contain the necessary vitamins and minerals that are removed from the refined white bread, and that that absorb in our bodies slower (have a lower Glycemic Index) and thus have less negative consequences on our metabolism (meaning….they cause less insulin effect.)

The explanation for why whole grains don’t appeal to us, like white bread, is being evaluated by food scientists, and there  is an interesting article on NPR that explains just why we can’t bring ourselves to ‘love’ whole grains as naturally as we love white bread.

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