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“Interesting if true, if not… interesting anyway” –Mark Twain

mark-twain-1Could it be that we have it all wrong about our ‘slower’ brains as we age.  These German researchers suggest so, explaining that older brains take longer to process information because they have so much information stored from past experience, that it takes more time to sift through this data.

Take heart…as we age….we all know things are improving in ways.  Perhaps this is another….

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600Diverticulosis is a common condition, occuring in 60% of men and women 60 years old.  These ‘pouches’ on the colon are generally asymptomatic and either remain unknown in a patient, are found at the time of colonoscopy, or come to attention when the patient develops a case of diverticulitis (inflammation of the diverticula ‘pouches’).

That a high fiber diet can prevention constipation and thus the development of diverticulosis is established dogma, yet there is little evidence to support this concept.   Enter Dr. Anne Peery, a researcher at University of North Carolina School of Medicine, and her latest study of 2000 patients that found NO ASSOCIATION between constipation, diverticulosis, and low fiber diets.

With this in mind, it seems we have little advice to give patients with diverticulosis or diverticulitis related to diet and it’s connection to this condition.   Although increasing diet may be a healthy concept, the data supporting this is sketchy at best.  Once again, Mark Twain’s old advice remains solid.