rum-653336_1280No….not a Gin & Tonic….but a tonic for what ails you….and that tonic is volunteering.

In my book THE KEYS, my 7th Key is ‘Do For Others’.  This is one of the best ways I know to feel better and to get healthier.  I think the positive effects of having a purpose in life goes a long way in keeping you healthy and vibrant, and many of my older patients need to have that part of their life expanded so they can feel vital, active, involved, and contributing.

I’ve listed several places to consider volunteering in THE KEYS (see the appendix area), but there are websites that can help you find something too:




(Earl and his wife Shirley Katz)

Try a page from our old buddy Earl Katz’s playbook.  A former coach, old-time patient, and Valley fundraiser used to say…and he meant it:  “Don’t give ’til it hurts….give ’til it feels good!’