teeth-1Art H has been a patient for a long time and he’s 80.  He’s known as ‘the oldest guy playing hockey’ or at least one  of the oldest, and he’s a legend to some.

Art’s engagement in life is what keeps him young.  He recognizes he’s growing older but does not let that stop him from doing what he loves, even if it’s a younger mans sport.

So….I’m talking to Art the other day and he is chuckling to himself as we are talking about his hockey playing….and he tells me that he’s ‘famous on the internet’ for his smile.  Art smiles a lot, but I have no idea what he means until he has me google  ’12 best toothless smiles in hockey’.   Sure enough….#11 is Art, among some of hockey’s best known players, and what is the moniker next to his picture:  THIS OLD GUY….that’s all.  Everyone else has their famous name next to their picture, but Art….is just some old guy.

And that to me is the moral of this story…that life is enjoyed and well lived when we engage in our lives for the thrill of it, for the energy it gives us, and not for any type of recognition…he’s just THIS OLD GUY to some, but he’s got something figured out in my book.