HouseMy daughter is a devotee of the Dr. House show.  She enjoys the medical mystery that underlies each episode and Hugh Laurie, the curmudgeonly star of the show.

In talking to her recently about the program, it reminded me that the fellow who advises the show on the various medical maladies that House and his team of doctors ponder was an upper-classman with me at Hopkins, Dr. John Sotos.

John was an interesting fellow, one year ahead at JHSOM (Johns Hopkins School of Medicine) who had a passion for arcane medical diagnosis.   He would ‘pimp’ us on various symptoms, seeing if we could figure out the strange syndrome he was describing as we honed our diagnostic skills on the wards.  His passion for the arcane led him to create ZEBRA CARDS, a set of trivia cards on medical maladies meant for education and fun.  This interest in the bizarre in medicine, led him on many career paths, but the one that we all experience is as a medical consultant for the Dr House show, for which his Zebra cards form the basis.

So….let your passions be your guide…you never know where they might lead.