as seen on TVVitamin D is riding high these days, as there have been many reports in the medical literature that low levels of Vitamin D are associated with everything from cancer to reduced longevity.  As a result, supplementing Vitamin D has become all the rage, with patients actually developing Vitamin D overdose, as it is a fat soluble vitamin that the body will store in excess is taken to an extreme (unlike B vitamins, which are not fat soluble.  B vitamins will not build up in the body in an adverse way).

With low Vitamin D being associated with various diseases, it seems obvious that supplementing with Vitamin D will reduce such diseases, but in the latest article to review this topic in THE LANCET, there was not improvement found in health with supplementation.

This points out the error in such presumptions.  That low Vitamin D is associated with ill health is due to a variety of different factors, but it does not then mean that supplementing with Vitamin D will resolve such health conditions.  This is flawed reasoning of association and cause.

So….like all vitamins, the data to supplement remains more sketchy, and moderation is the order of the day.  400-2000 units of Vitamin D is the maximum I recommend on any routine basis for those are are desirous to supplement.  Better yet, get that sunshine as we have always been told…I think that is a better way to keep your Vitamin D high.