dreamstime_l_19265714One of the great things about the openness in today’s world, is the ability to discuss important health topics without the embarrassment that formerly would inhibit such conversations.

One such topic is about PEYRONIE’S DISEASE, a medical condition that causes a curvature of the penis, due to development of thickened fibrous tissue in the shaft (length) of the penis.   This can result in slight changes in penis appearance, or can be very severe, causing pain and inhibiting sexual activity for men with this issue.

Now, a new treatment provides hope with men who have to deal with this issue.   Formerly, men would consider a surgery to help remove this thickened fibrous tissue, and as one can imagine, this is an unpleasant idea to contemplate, and even more unpleasant to undergo.  The latest treatment shows promise and has been approved by the FDA, and it is called Xiaflex.

Xiaflex is a liquid protein that when injected into fibrous tissues, enzymatically dissolves the fibrous tissues, making the penis  more supple and capable of achieving a straight, erect position.